dougI am Doug Gaston, co-owner of Graham Diesel Injection Service.  Since 1981, I have been rebuilding diesel pumps and injectors for my customers across North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.   Graham Diesel Injection Service stocks a large supply of parts, both OEM and aftermarket.

In addition to servicing the truck market, I service many farmers and ranchers.  I rebuild CAV, Simms,  Roosa  Master,  and  AmBac Model  pumps just to name a few. While I do not rebuild electronic injectors, I have access to almost all makes and models.  I have developed great relationships with vendors from all over the United States, so whatever pump and injector problem you may have, I can usually find an answer!

Doug Gaston
Graham Diesel Injection Service
903-892-2122 ext. 302

Ford  7.3 L  pumps,  Ford  6.9 L  pumps,  and  Chevrolet  6.5 L  pumps
$400.00.00    Exchange

Dodge 1999-2002 Pumps
$1200.00 Exchange
Ford Powerstroke Injectors
$200.00 each

2003-2007 5.9 Cummins Injectors
$295.00 each